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Completing the Tax Return Form


Completing a tax return can be both frustrating and time-consuming, but the whole process can be much easier by discussing and comprehending the processes and practices in advance.

Deadline for filing your tax return

The terms vary according to them on how to send your tax return back; it is called the date of submission. The deadline for submitting an income tax return is the end of the taxation year beginning on October 31, and the date is also when HMRC must be able to receive an annual income. If you do so online, HMRC must receive tax refunds by the end of January 31st.

It is important that you meet these deadlines as you will be penalised for £100. Another £100 if you have not yet done it in six months.

Paper tax return

HMRC guarantees the payment of taxes calculation and informs you of the result on or before January 31 of the due date before the end of the tax year, provided that your paper is returned on the redemption date. If you post your return after the filing date, HMRC will not be able to guarantee your tax calculation and send it by January 31st at the appropriate time.

If you want to calculate your tax bill by yourself or if the document is too late, you can ask HMRC for an overview of taxes calculation summary and notes on the page to help you file income tax returns. To obtain this calculation summary, you can contact HMRC on this number 0845 9000 404. You do not have to send the supplementary pages that HMRC sends you as part of your income tax return. Visit this site : http://www.taxreturn247.com.au

Online Tax Return

HMRC online is easy to use and saves time compared to a paper version. To use the online service, you must first register on the HMRC website after completing the registration process. HMRC will send your Identification Number (PIN) and may take up to seven days. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your online registration till January 31st. Do not forget that if you do, be reminded if you are late to submit your tax return and you have fines for late delivery.

The online retrieval system will ask you a few questions to find out the relevant elements of your tax return. Then the system performs calculations and helps the screen which is for you. The system has additional built-in controls to help you get your tax return accurately. Once you have completed the online report, you will receive an acknowledgement.


To comply and fill a correct tax return, you must take into account all legal data. If your annual income is incomplete and the HMRC recognises that you owe tax you may have to pay interest and fines, so keep all your documents in order and get it right first.


Every year you can carry out your tax return on paper or online, using HMRC software or easy access to a commercial program in the market. We recommend doing it on the Internet because it is faster, it prevents delays, and there is no way to lose it.

Tax Return Vs Compiled Financial Statements

There are millions who submit tax returns each and every year and for the most part, they handle them with somewhat ease. However, when it comes to running a business in Australia, a lot of people get confused as to the type of returns they must complete. There are some who believe a standard tax return is necessary, while others believe financial statements are a must. It’s hard to know which way to turn so, what are the differences between a tax return and compiled financial statements? Read on to find out more.

What Goes Into A Tax Return?

Individuals and businesses can complete returns to report certain information to the Australian government. For instance, they can report how much money they earn or make throughout the entire year but there is a lot of additional information that can be reported. Income, deductions from work, exemptions, business expenses and lots of other information is added to ensure the government knows about your current working status. There are many who are exempt from tax returns such as those who have worked only part of the year or who do not earn over a certain threshold. However, a return can show what someone earns and for businesses, it can show what money they have made throughout the year. This could be important for investors and those looking to buy-out a company.

What Is A Compiled Financial Statement?

A Compiled financial statement is in fact very easy to complete and doesn’t take as much time as you would think either. However, this is different from a tax return in a sense. It will show the cash flow of a business, the income it makes throughout the calendar year, along with its expenses and of course any assets or liabilities it has. This basically shows the worth or value of a business and that can really attract investors if the info is good for them. To find out more, check out taxreturn247.com.au.

Will A Tax Return Still Be Required?

It doesn’t matter if you are completing a compiled financial statement, you will still need to complete a return for the past financial year. A lot of people forget this and find they get into a lot of trouble so it’s best for you to ensure you cover yourself and complete the necessary forms. Dealing with tax returns can seem a big pain but they are still necessary. Compiled financial statements are important for a business view and if you are planning to offer shares to someone, they need to be able to see your value. That is why both of these things are important.

Ensure Your Business Is Covered

Financial matters can be tiresome and for a lot of business owners they don’t actually know how to handle these but that cannot be any excuse. If you aren’t already aware, tax returns are necessary for businesses and individuals throughout the year. There can be some exceptions to this (if you haven’t earned enough) but for the most part, you’ll have to complete it. If you aren’t sure how to handle your tax return, get some help, especially if you have a business!

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